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Your COVID Questions, Answered

Hey, Babes! We know there are a lot of questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to you gown shopping experience, and we're here to answer them! As we get more questions, we'll add them here so every bride can benefit from each other.

  • Are you open to take appointments?
    • Yes! We are currently taking appointments Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Same-day appointments are often available, just give us a call at 719-465-3758 or go to Book an Appointment to see available spots!
  • May I bring guests?
    • Yes! For the safety of our staff and visitors, we allow each bride to bring no more than 4 guests. We do advise against bringing guests over the age of 70, and request that anyone who has travelled internationally in the 14 days prior to your appointment abstain from joining us in person and join your appointment by FaceTime instead (we even have a phone stand for your convenience!).
  • Am I required to wear a mask?
    • While not required in the main showroom, we do appreciate if you and your guests wear masks, for the safety of our staff, our staff members' families, and of course, you and your guests. We do require masks in the dressing room, as we must be in close proximity. We have disposable masks on hand if you are in need them during your visit!
  • Will your staff wear masks?
    • Yes, all of our staff will wear a mask both in the dressing room with you, and when assisting you in the main showroom when within 6 feet of you and/or your guests.
  • Are gown order delivery dates being delayed?
    • This answer depends on the designer. Some designers are making a Super Rush option available for our Babes, while others are limited by many factors and are experiencing delayed shipping. We update our "Expected Arrival Dates" each week to give you the most up to date arrival windows available for each designer. Due to this fluidity, we do suggest shopping as early as possible for your gown (with ANY boutique, not just Soirée!) to make sure that all of the styles you fall in love with are available in time for your wedding day!
  • What is Soirée doing differently to keep things safe and clean?
    • While we've always had stringent cleaning procedures, we have increased their frequency. Before and after each appointment, every high-touch surface is wiped down. Our front door handles (inside and out), all touch surfaces in the restroom, credit card machine, our own items such as keyboard, mouse, phone, etc.
  • Do you have any gowns available to take home today?
    • We do! We have a selection of off-the-rack gowns available to take home same-day!

Please see our Collection page for more information about the pricing of our collection, as well as the brands we carry!